Bible Records:
Berrian (Dixon) Dickson's Bible   
        The People's Standard Edition of the HOLY BIBLE, Containing the Old and New Testaments, and the Apocryphal Writings, translated from the Hebrew and Greek,
and carefully compared with former Translations; 
Text Conformable with the
Standard of the American Bible Society: ………………….
…Entered according to Act of congress, in the year 1872, by Ziegler & McCurdy,
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Most of the records entered into the Bible appear to have been entered prior to Berry's marriage to Ella Morgan in 1887.   The way the records are entered indicates that the Bible belonged to Berry and Nancy.   

        Berryan Dickson and Nancy May
        were married January 4th 1844.

        Berry Dixon and Ella Morgan were
        Married April 26th 1887

        Arthur A. Largilliere and Minnie Lee Dixon were
        Married February 3rd 1910

        Berrian Dickson               Born September 25th 1823
        Nancy May                     Born May 3rd 1819.
                Children born to them as follows
        Laura Ellen Dickson,          Born November 19th 1844.
        Martha Florence Dickson,      Born  December 13th 1846
        Caroline Mandeville Dickson,  Born December 22, 1848
        Evander Dickson,              Born May 16th 1851
        Fisher Alonzo Dickson,        Born  October 20th 1853
        Francis Marian Dickson,       Born July 27th 1856
        Nancy Elizebeth Dickson,      Born May 23, 1859
        Berry Isaiah Dickson,         Born February 27th 1862

        Added to list of births and is different ink and different handwriting.
        Minnie Lee Dixon was          Born May 23rd Wed.  1888.

        Nancy May, Wife of Berryan Dickson
                                      Died september 11th, 1886
        Berrian Dixon                 Died December 4th 1898
        Caroline Mandeville Dickson, daughter of the above
                                      Died July 10th 1859
        Martha Florence Dixon Morgan  Died Feb 11, 1905
        Ella Dixon wife of Berrian Dixon 
                      Died January 30th 1919  Thrusday 2:10P.M.

(A folded piece of paper found in the bible contains the information that was probally used to make the entries into the bible record.  Changes in the color of the ink indicates that the paper was probably started before 
                         Berry Isaiah Dickson was born in 1862.)

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